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Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP is a boutique law firm located in the heart of New York City. Our lawyers are among the most renowned, nationally and internationally, in their areas of expertise. Getting the job done is what we do for some of the world’s largest corporations; for some of the world’s largest law firms; for some of the most prominent investment banks and private equity concerns; and for those who are just beginning their journey.

Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP is known in the New York area and nationwide for its expertise, accomplishments and for providing a large-firm level of service to our clients with the devotion and care that only a small firm can provide. We are proud of our reputation in the fields of:

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We Wrote The Franchise Statute

David Kaufmann authored the franchise statute in New York. Franchise attorneys nationwide recognize Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP for our ability to provide every type of legal counsel and representation that a franchisor may need. We provide an extensive range of services for franchisors, including:

For the first time ever, a New York court has held that late delivery of a franchisor’s Franchise Disclosure Document, standing alone, will not trigger liability under the New York Franchise Act without proof that the franchisee sustained damages directly attributable to the late FDD delivery. Moreover, the court held that where, as here, a defendant moves for summary judgment on untimely disclosure and misrepresentation claims under the New York Franchise Act and produces expert evidence that the plaintiffs’ losses were more likely caused by external market conditions, the burden then shifts to plaintiffs to raise a material question of fact to the contrary. Because plaintiffs failed to rebut defendants’ expert evidence, the court granted summary judgment to defendants on the causation issue and dismissed all statutory and common law claims based on late FDD delivery and alleged misrepresentations.

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In the most significant franchise regulatory development since the Federal Trade Commission revised its Franchise Rule (16 CFR Part 436) in 2007, the rules governing financial performance representations— information conveyed to prospective franchisees disclosing historic or projected company-owned or franchised unit gross sales, net profits or both—are undergoing their most sweeping transformation in nearly a quarter century.

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