Legal Excellence Unleashed

And victorious.

These are the traits ascribed to our litigation team. Chaired by Daniel Gildin, the litigators at Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins enjoy a solid reputation for their skills and accomplishments throughout the United States. We understand that litigation is a high stakes endeavor. The outcome is often critical to the client’s future, sometimes even its ability to survive. Time, money and resources will be diverted to doing battle rather than doing business. Our lawyers will deploy all of their skill, experience and tactics in a manner that is strict and harsh for your adversary while efficient for you.

Plaintiff And Defendant Representation In A Full Range Of Legal Actions

If you are a plaintiff, the attorneys at Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins will swiftly analyze the dispute at hand and your likelihood of success in litigation. When necessary, they will help your case get to a judge in a matter of hours or days to obtain temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions and other forms of relief necessary to protect and advance your position even before the underlying case goes forward. They will take the time to amass overwhelming evidence through skillful discovery and depositions. You can trust them to stay by your side throughout the litigation process, advising you at every turn, presenting options for your informed selection and seeking to prevail at every juncture, from the first appearance before the judge through verdict and final appeal. With great efficiency. And with our level of knowledge that every dollar diverted to litigation is a dollar less that you have for other, more fruitful endeavors.

If you are a defendant, our lawyers swiftly digest the nature of the case against you, analyze the grievances and disputes which gave rise to the lawsuit and devise the strategy best tailored to minimize your legal fees and maximize your ability to prevail unscathed. Sometimes this means swiftly trying to get you out of the case at its inception through a motion to dismiss. Other times it means seeking to fatally decimate your adversary’s case through motions, discovery and depositions, such that the need for a trial is eliminated altogether. Finally, it may be that strategically delaying and frustrating your adversary’s litigation thrust (within the rules) is called for. Regardless of the ultimate strategy pursued, our seasoned team of litigators will be at your side throughout the process, seeking to maximize your chances of ultimate success while minimizing the time, expense and diversion that lawsuits engender.

A Word About Legal Fees

Clients dread litigation fees. We know it. And we know why. At the end of the day, even if the client wins outright, it feels that it received what it was legally entitled to in any event, but only following the expenditure of legal fees.

That’s why we make every effort to minimize the legal fees and other costs associated with litigation. We don’t overstaff a litigation project with many attorneys when only one or two will suffice. When we suggest a strategy, it also includes estimates of how much it will cost to pursue that strategy – and what other, less expensive options may be available. And when swift and shrewd tactics can be deployed to prevail at minimal expense, rest assured that those tactics will be pursued. After all, we have a reputation to protect. A litigation record is known coast-to-coast. And a reputation among our clients for efficiency and results.