A Guide to Franchise Disclosure Documents

Meet the FTC Franchise Rule and Other Franchise Guidelines

Understanding franchise disclosure documents and their requirements for franchisors is an important step in the process of franchising a business. The required contents of a franchise disclosure document are set forth by the FTC Franchise Rule, as well as the 2008 NASAA Franchise Guidelines. Our franchise law attorneys can review the contents of franchise disclosure documents to ensure they meet all state and FTC franchise laws.

Franchise Law Attorneys in New York Serving Clients Nationwide

Since every franchise is unique, a franchise disclosure document should reflect the distinct features of that franchise. Our firm does not simply fill in the blanks of template documents for clients, while charging clients for that type of “service.” Instead, our lawyers tailor these documents to the unique needs and attributes of our clients so that prospective franchisees can determine whether your system is right for them.

At the law firm of Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP, we have experience working with both start-up and mature franchisors in New York and across the United States. We have developed franchise disclosure documents for franchisors of varying sizes, including some of the largest franchisors in the world. We have the experience and skill to draft franchise documents and to consider the legal effects of these documents.

When disputes arise, our attorneys are also experienced litigators who know what it takes to protect client rights.

Franchise Disclosure Documents Are a Key Factor in Franchising

To learn more about the requirements of franchise disclosure documents, talk with an attorney at the law firm of Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP. Schedule an initial consultation or discuss your options by calling us at our New York office at 212-755-3100.